5. Diverse Response to Local Pharmacological Blockade of Sirt1 Cleavage in Age-Induced versus Trauma-Induced Osteoarthritis Female Mice.

Maatuf YH, Marco M, Unger-Gelaman S, Farhart E, Zobrab A, Roy A, Kumar A, Carmon I, Reich E, Dvir-Ginzverg M.
Biomolecules 2024, 14(1), 81
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4. Human-specific duplicate CHRFAM7A gene is associated with more severe osteoarthritis and amplifies pain behaviours.

Courties A, Olmer M, Myers K, Ordoukhanian P, Head SR, Natarajan P, Berenbaum F, Sellam J, Lotz MK.
Ann Rheum Dis. 2023
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3. Piezo2 expressing nociceptors mediate mechanical sensitization in experimental osteoarthritis.

Obeidat AM, Wood MJ, Adamczyk NS, Ishihara S, Li J, Wang L, Ren D, Bennett DA, Miller RJ, Malfait AM, Miller RE.
Nat Commun. 2023 Apr 29
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 2. Notch signaling is activated in knee-innervating dorsal root ganglia in experimental models of osteoarthritis joint pain.   

Lai Wang, Shingo Ishihara, Jun Li, Rachel E Miller, Anne-Marie Malfait.  
 Arthritis Res Ther 25, 63 (2023)
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1. Age-associated changes in knee osteoarthritis, pain-related behaviors, and dorsal root ganglia immunophenotyping of male and female mice. 

Geraghty, T., Obeidat, A.M., Ishihara, S., Wood, M.J., Li, J., Lopes, E.B.P., Scanzello, C.R., Griffin, T.M., Malfait, A.-M. and Miller, R.E. Arthritis and Rheumatology 2023
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