July 28, 2023 Kaylan Smith-Frank

We are excited to announce this year's C-COMP Pilot Grant awardees! They were selected amongst 12 submissions by the study section; join us in congratulating the following four recipients:   

  1. PI Dr. Joseph L Roberts, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University:  "The role of the aged microbiota in fracture-induced pain."
  2. PI Dr. Abdelhak Belmadani, Associate Professor, Northwestern University: "Modeling joint pain in microfluidic coculture system: Investigating the crosstalk between knee synovium and knee afferents in regulating osteoarthritis pain."
  3. PI Dr. Chia-Lung Wu, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester: "Investigating hip degeneration and associated pain in male and female mice using a model of surgically induced hip osteoarthritis."
  4. PI Dr. Joseph Lesnak, Research Scientist, University of Texas at Dallas: "Elucidating the Human Dorsal Root Ganglia Response to Stressed Nucleus Pulposus Cells."

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