January 22, 2022 Anne-Marie Malfait

Application due date:  April 11, 2022

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement is to solicit cooperative agreement applications from interdisciplinary teams that will cooperatively form the Restoring Joint Health and Function to Reduce Pain Consortium (RE-JOIN). Collectively, the different RE-JOIN teams will work to define the innervation of all the tissues of the joint by sensory neurons that mediate the sensation of pain. (Joint tissues include articular and peri-articular tissues such as bone, cartilage, synovium, joint capsule, ligament, tendon, fascia and muscle.) Knowledge of the relevant sensory neurons will facilitate identification of pain-related receptors and mediators, some of which will serve as novel targets for reducing pain.

For more information about this announcement, please visit the NIAMS RE-JOIN site

View the open NIH HEAL Initiative Funding Opportunities.

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