November 4, 2022 Anne-Marie Malfait

We are thrilled to announce that C-COMP researchers have been awarded one of five major UC2 awards in the country to form the Re-Join Consortium, a newly established program by the National Institutes of Health that is part of the NIH’s Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) Initiative. The team will be led by Drs. Anne-Marie Malfait (Rush), Dr. Martin Lotz (Scripps Research Institution) and Dr. Richard Miller (Northwestern University). Co-investigators include a multidisciplinary team: Dr. Rachel Miller, Dr. Frank Ko, and Dr. David Bennett from Rush, Dr. Tristan Maerz from the University of Michigan, Dr. Dana Orange from Rockefeller University, and Drs. Bella Mehta and Susan Goodman from the The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Together, the team will combine state-of-the-art imaging techniques with transcriptomics to construct 3D models of the sensory innervation of the murine and human knee joint, compose a cell atlas in which knee afferents are transcriptionally profiled at a single cell resolution, and document the nerve-joint interactome at the transcriptional level. This holistic approach to mapping the sensory innervation of the knee will provide the research community with a rich anatomical and molecular resource to study mechanisms underlying joint pain and guide the development of novel analgesic strategies.

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